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Rivergate offers a range of land uses providing mixed use commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and related land uses.

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Completed during October 2013, the Sandown Road link provides the vital link between the R27 (the West Coast Road) and the N7 (National Rd), providing excellent road access to this development. The dualling of Sandown Road is currently underway with completion expected in the first quarter of 2020.

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Rivergate is located east of the Atlantis railway line and straddles Sandown Road close to its intersection with Malibongwe Boulevard (M12), which in turn will give Rivergate direct access to the N7, the N1, greater Cape Town, and in particular, to Cape Town international airport.

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Rivergate is designed to capitalise on those land uses that seek locations along major arterial roads, such as Sandown Road and Malibongwe Boulevard, in close proximity to a regional urban node, being the future Rivergate commuter railway station and surrounds, which abuts Rivergate to the west.
Consequently Rivergate is a mixed land use development, with a commercial strip on either side of Sandown Road (the Commercial precinct), a business and light industrial area to the north of the commercial strip (the Business Park), a more affordable residential area south of the commercial strip extending down to the Diep River (Pioneer Valley) and the area in the west straddling the railway line (the Station precinct).

Rivergate will be served by Cape Town’s ”MyCITI” integrated rapid transport bus system, and in years to come by a commuter rail link on the existing Atlantis railway line. The initial bus system will, once the area is occupied, run along Sandown Road in both directions forming a loop around Table View, Parklands/Sunningdale and Du Noon, to and from the Bayside Centre via Blaauwberg, Koeberg, & Potsdam Roads.

The original town planning premise that has guided the development of Rivergate, Parklands, Sunningdale and Sandown has been that the whole area should be easily accessible by foot, bicycle and public transport, in addition to having good private vehicle links to greater Cape Town. Thus the street layout is such that every household is within easy walking distance of both the public transport routes, and of shops, public open spaces, play parks, and other supporting facilities. Consequently the implementation of the MyCITI bus system has already made this design parameter a reality in Parklands and Sunningdale, and as Rivergate and Sandown are further developed, the same ease of movement will be evident.

It is expected that the Rivergate railway station node could develop into a regional urban node of some considerable importance. Land has been suitably zoned to allow for the development of government and public facility offices in this node, so as to provide the area with a wide variety of services. This zoning permits a local clinic, a hospital, magistrates court, police station, local library and other such like facilities, together with commercial offices and high density residential land uses.
Provision will also be made for local markets, providing space for both the formal and informal trader, nearest the future railway station.

In summary, Rivergate is the natural extension of the Parklands and Sandown models, with an emphasis on a wide variety of employment creation, education, a regional services centre, a public transport interchange, and affordable housing and associated facilities.

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Sandown Road Dualling

Tony Clarke – Joint MD Aska Property Group
3rd December 2018

After 11 years of planning, the Sandown Road Link was opened on 29 October 2013. The opening was celebrated by not only those attending the “Road Opening Ceremony” hosted by township developers Garden Cities, The Milnerton Estates and The Aska Property Group, but equally celebrated by the motorists using this east-west link between the West Coast Road and the N7 Freeway.

From the word “go” the road link was an immediate success. Traffic streamed along the road right after the official opening by Minister Robin Carisle, and bottles of champagne were handed out to the happy motorists. It was said then that work on implementing the second carriageway needed to start immediately.
Sandown Road is threaded through the residential suburbs of Sunningdale, Parklands and Sandown as well as the Rivergate commercial and industrial development. The opening of this east-west link brought relief to motorists previously restricted to using the internal road networks of these suburbs. Locals will remember queuing on Gie Road for what seemed like endless periods.

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Launched in November 2013, Cape Town’s exciting new industrial area, has certainly hit the Western Cape’s industrial market by storm! The Rivergate development, by land owners Milnerton Estates and the Aska Property Group, was put to the market when the Sandown Road link was opened.

This road link connects the R27 West Coast Road to the N7 freeway. The picture below shows the roads being installed in the first phase of the business park (bottom right hand side) and the Sandown Road link extending in the direction of Table Bay.

The Sandown Road / M12 link has created the “northern gateway” into the Parklands and Sunningdale developments as well as the recently announced suburb by Milnerton Estates –“Sandown”.

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Unprecedented demand being experienced for the new

Rivergate industrial area.

Dave Macleod-Elliott, Sales Director of Aska Property Group, reports that since the launch of the new Rivergate Industrial area, situated adjacent to one of the fastest growth points in the Western Cape; a total of 44 industrial properties have been sold within 8 months of being put to the market, equating to a land sales value in excess of R140m. The Rivergate development is yet another successful development to be launched by the Joint Venture partnership, comprising the land owners, Milnerton Estates Ltd. and the Aska Property Group (Pty) Ltd.

Rivergate is ideally located, just north-east of Table View and east of the Atlantis railway line and straddles the new Sandown Road precinct; providing direct access via Malibongwe Boulevard (M12) to the N7, the N1, greater Cape Town and in particular, to Cape Town harbour and the airport.

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Rivergate Phase 1 – SOLD OUT 

Since the release of Rivergate, during October 2013, a total of 43 mixed-use light industrial sites have been sold, amounting to a sales value in excess of R 136 Million.

Rivergate Industrial Park – Phase 1

The Rivergate Industrial Park is an enclave of smaller erven ranging from 450m2 upwards. These erven, accessed through a security gate, have proven to be of great demand. Phase 1 of the Rivergate Business Park, comprising 30 mixed-use light industrial sites was sold within weeks of being put on the market. Roads and services to the first phase are currently under construction and are due to be completed during the first week of June 2014

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Rivergate sells at a fantastic pace.

“The sale of plots in the Rivergate Industrial Park has been fantastic,” said Tony Clarke, marketing director of the Aska Property Group. He was emotive with his announcement that plots were now available and selling in the new Rivergate Business Park – and they are selling fast!

The Rivergate area offers commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential property to the Cape Town market, with a range of opportunities. The industrial park, a secure-type enclave within the Rivergate development, offers mixed-use plots ranging in size from 800m² to 3,000m² whilst elsewhere in the development plots range from 5,000 m² to sub-divisional superblocks of 80,000m².

Although a mix of land uses is permitted it is expected that the Rivergate Business Park will primarily be developed for light industrial, warehousing, manufacture and commercial use.

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Parklands sales remain strong – Rivergate unbelievable!

At the end of October we achieved two goals – we opened the Sandown Road Link through Parklands and we launched Rivergate. During November, the Aska sales team concluded 53 land sales in these developments with a sales value in excess of R90 million …with many more sales in the pipeline!

Parklands accounted for 28 of these sales. 27 of these were zoned for single residential homes confirming that this suburb remains a popular choice for individuals and developers. Whilst there are guidelines in place in Parklands, the guidelines offer sufficient flexibility in the design ensuring that homeowners can create an individually styled home to suit their requirements. Prices for plots in Parklands range between R300,000 and R650,000. The remaining Parklands sale was for a commercial site situated at the intersection of Sandown Road and Parklands Main Road – where the Parklands Plaza is planned.

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Dave Macleod-Elliott (Sales Director – Aska Property Group) 22 Oct 1023

The Aska sales team report that they have been inundated with enquiries from all sectors of the market over the past few months.

Parklands – Single Residential Sales

The sales tempo of single residential erven has picked up significantly this year. Since January 2013 more than 220 sales having been achieved in the exciting new phase of Parklands, situated north of Sandown Road. Nathan Green, Sales Executive of Aska Property Group, who specializes in packaging designer “Plot & Plan” homes, works closely with local architects and a panel of preferred builders, ensuring his clients get the best value for money. Nathan and the architect tailor-make the home around the client’s needs and affordability then submit this plan and specification to the panel of builders to ensure that the most competitive price is obtained. One can say, that Nathan offers a “one stop solution” to plot and planning your new in Parklands.

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R200 Million in infrastructure unlocks new growth corridor


In 2007, the WCG constructed the Potsdam/N7 interchange at a cost of R60 Million and in 2011 the City completed the M12 linking infrastructure at a cost of R65 Million. And, during 2012, the City approved the subdivision application for the land to the east of Parklands – determining the position of the Sandown Road reserve and unlocking the development opportunities here.

With this approval and the position of the road now determined, Garden Cities, Milnerton Estates and the Aska Property Group commissioned the construction of the Sandown Road Link including the road-over-rail bridge. The tender awarded for this link injected a further R64 Million into the infrastructure here. And during March this year, Milnerton Estates and Aska awarded a further tender for the extension of Parklands Main Road to the north so as to connect with Sandown Road.

In all, some R200 Million has been injected into the infrastructure to improve the road network. This provides new routes to and through the suburbs, links the West Coast to the Northern Suburbs and provides better access to Cape Town’s international airport.

“Rivergate” – the new development unlocked here, will be launched simultaneously with the opening of the Sandown Road Link during October 2013. Rivergate offers mixed use commercial, industrial, institutional and residential opportunities

The Rivergate Commercial Precinct straddles Sandown Road and permits the development of multi-storey buildings to accommodate both office and retail use, including shops, supermarkets, financial institutions, showrooms, cafés and restaurants. Properties here offer excellent views of Table Mountain to the south and the Durbanville hills to the east.

Rivergate Business Park will offer a range of opportunities for medium to larger development, with erven ranging from 5,000m² to sub-divisional superblocks of 80,000m². The superblocks are available from R820/m² VAT inclusive. Whilst a mixed use of activities is permitted, it is expected that the business park will primarily be developed as light industrial, warehousing, manufacture and commercial uses.

Rivergate Industrial Park is the first development undertaken within Rivergate. The industrial park will be securitized by an electrified palisade walling/fence combination with a guard house positioned at the entrance. Erf sizes in the industrial park range from 450m² to 3,000m² with “early bird” prices ranging from R1,200/m² to R1,350/m² VAT inclusive.

Whilst the Design Guidelines for the development do not prescribe a specific architectural style, they encourage the consistent use of materials and finishes that will ultimately give rise to a coherent theme and character to the business park. Guidelines and a review committee will guide development here. A managing agent has been appointed to maintain the standards determined for this development.

Within the Rivergate development provision has been made for the establishment of the train station and bus stations. Public transport passengers can easily connect to the future MyCiti bus stations to be built at each foot of the road-over-rail bridge. In addition to the station and transport node, the land in this precinct has been suitably zoned to accommodate regional facilities such as a Police Station, Magistrate’s Court, Municipal Offices, a clinic, a library and commercial development.

Single residential and walk-up apartments by turnkey developers will be available for the more affordable income market south of Sandown Road. Provision has also been made for a school, near to the public transport interchange.

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